Minimalism Show

Minimalism is trendy nowadays. Blogs, podcast, videocasts and lots of articles on specialized web sites are easy to find. Twitter, Facebook or, even, Google+ have communities built around this topic.

Not just minimalism. Habits, meditation, happiness and other related topics appears in a natural way whenever you get more into minimalism.

It seems that there is no limit. It is amazing.

As said, the more you dig into minimalism the more resources you find. A lot of people share their knowledge. Some of them do it for free but you may find a different kind of minimalists. The entrepreneurs ones.

Wait a minute! Minimalism and entrepreneurs? Money is the root of all the evil, isn't it?

Money talks, did you know?

Well, minimalism is not about hating money. Some of the well-known minimalists earn a living sharing their experiences. And, at the fist glance, it could be a bit shocking, because minimalism is a powerful tool to avoid consumerism but, if you think about it, everybody have some basic needs that must be covered, as Maslow's hierarchy of needs shows. And some of those needs, mainly the ones at the pyramid base, can't be fulfilled without money. That's the reason why some of the minimalists with a higher social profile write books, sell courses or seminars or give conferences. It is quite unlikely that anybody can keep a regular job if, at the same time, dedicate that much effort to help others.

Despite there are no rules that prohibit earn a living doing that maybe you can dislike it. That was my case. I began to think that minimalism was a kind of Circus to amuse people in need of help. But after thinking about it more deeply I realized that there is no such a problem. There are also lots of minimalists around the world that share their experiences without looking for any profit so you always have the option of getting the resources without expending any money.

Indeed, both ways are great and we are very lucky because we can wander the internet picking up the better advises from the better sources.

In my case, I bought a minimalism related book, not just for the content but as a way to give credit to the authors and help them to earn a living.


This blog is just a way to express myself and keep my thoughts flowing. I have a job I really like so I don't need to make any money with the blog, but I understand that for many other people that doesn't apply.

Take care.

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