My fixed coffe maker


I bought my Aeropress coffe maker four years ago to replace my broken Nespresso. I try to find a fix for the Nespresso but it was quite difficult and not cheap, mainly because thouse devices are not intended to be long lasting.

That makes me choose the Aeropress. It’s way simple. There are few parts that can fail and the filters are inexpensive.

The Aeropress is like a big syringe. With a rubber cap that push the coffe though a plastic cylinder. Sometimes the rubber cap can fail an leak. After four years I decided that my Aeropress need a new cap. I bought it on Anazon and got it for 8 bucks on 48 hours.

Fix it was easy although a bit of strength was needed to take the old cap off. Now the performance is oustanding, like a new one.

El cambio es sencillo aunque me costó un poco sacar la tapa vieja. La Aeropress está como nueva y la presión que ejerce es la misma que cuando la compré.

It’s, by far, the best coffe maker I have had. Its bets point is its simplicity and how easy to clean is.

I really think that is a great pice of gear if you love coffe and can stay away from the bells and wistles of the Nespresso ones.

Take care.



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