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How I'm Handling Social media

Jun 20, 2018
Dealing with social media can be quite cumbersome. The problem is even bigger when you use it to share something with perfect strangers. But social media is the way to go nowadays. You can't rely on search engines, because you need a lot of SEO vudĂș to become discoverable by people. Instead, I prefer to put my energy on writing about things I care. I used social media in the past, but it was like a tremendous failure. Read more

Living on a Budget

Jun 7, 2018
Money matters, you know. Everybody struggle with money because we need it to keep up with our living standard. Although minimalism is not about saving money, it's quite frequent that by being intentional about the things you own you end up saving some cash. Minimalism isn't frugalism, so you don't need to be obsessed with money saving, but to stay out of debt it's necessary to keep an eye on your money managing. Read more

Back to Happiness

May 25, 2018
When the shine has gone it's easy to forget our feelings. It's quite common. We tend to return to a base level of excitement, after the joy of happiness. They call it hectic hedonism [1]. Despite our level of contentment increases we can't hold it for a long time. If you think about it it's, in a certain way, logical. If every action we do or every new thing we get could just make a permanent increase in that level we'll end up, in the long run, living in a euphoric state that will blow our minds, for sure. Read more

Minimalism Show

May 16, 2018
Minimalism is trendy nowadays. Blogs, podcast, videocasts and lots of articles on specialized websites are easy to find. Twitter, Facebook or, even, Google+ have communities built around this topic. Not just minimalism. Habits, meditation, happiness and other related topics appear in a natural way whenever you get more into minimalism. It seems that there's no limit. It's amazing. As said, the more you dig into minimalism the more resources you find. Read more

Green vs Organic

May 5, 2018
Organic is the new black. Everybody love organic food [1] . It's healthy, natural and green?. Well, that is not always true. People are prone to think that organic and green food are the same. Me too. But that is, in many cases, far from being real. In my pursuit of keeping a low contaminant profile I've been incorporating some green products to our food basket. At the very beginning, I just checked if the EFSA label was shown on the envelope as a guarantee of the organicity of the product, but when I tried to apply my buying rules, I noticed that most of those products were insanely wrapped or came from places so far that couldn't be considered ecological at all. Read more