Useful android apps (III)

Jan 11, 2018

This is a new compilation of my preferred android apps.


It's a way simple app launcher. You can search the app just typing a few letters in its search bar. And you can do the same with contacts to make a call or write a link to open it in the default web browser.

You can't get widgets on the screen and that makes kiss so fast and frugal on resources. Well, thats not entirely true because there is an experimental feature to use widgets but I have't tried it by myself.

I've been using kiss since I bought my Motorola moto G 3rd gen, more than 2 years ago, and I've never felt the need for typical launchers.

Gost Commander

It's a double panel file manager that resembles midnight commander.

It seems a bit scary at first glance but as you keep using it you get a robust and powerful way of managing your stuff. You can even use it to handle resources on remote machines (by samba or sftp).

You can add shortcuts, edit texts, view images and all the expected file managing tasks.


A light weight youtube client that makes easy to download video or audio. You can select the quality and file format of the media you want to view or download.

You can subscribe to youtube channels but can't read or make comments.


A terminal emulator with a great collection of GNU software that can be installed through the apt package manager.

I use it to edit my texts using GNU nano and to work on the raspberry pi or my digital ocean vps remotely.


I don't need google maps because of Osmand+. It's getting better and better with every new release. You can miss some functionality but developers keep adding new features regularly.

Budget Watch

A nice and simple app to keep an eye on your finances. You need it if you have no idea of where your money has gone when the month comes to the end.

Shopping List

A shopping list that can be used to estimate your shopping bill. Items can be be ordered by price, ammount or category.

A very useful app if you use cash because you know the total ammount of money you have to pay and can detect any mistake that lead you to more.

Final thougts

Maybe there are better apps out there, mainly in the google play store, but this selection of free apps makes me happy. I've tried some similar apps with lots of cool features but I preffer the simplicity over the coolness.

If you know any good replacement candidate feel free to leave a comment.


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