Blog Decluttering

Feb 28, 2018

Internet is content. Today is way easy to add more and more content. I can't imagine how many bloggers, vloggers or podcasters are making new content every single day but I don't need to imagine, because it is very easy to see, how much of those contents are just noise.

Among all of that noisy content you can find some of my own. And as they are noisy I've planned to remove a handful of my old posts. Mostly the ones I used to let all the stress go during my lab days.

I'm neither ashamed by those posts nor need to hide nothing from my past life. You can always get a copy from internet sites like Just I find that those posts are useful for nobody, me included.

I could remove the entire blog and start a fresh one but, I think there are some good posts as well, maybe some funny ones, so I'm going to keep it and try to improve it.

As a side effect, reviewing the posts I've realized that lots of sites I used to visit have gone. Sometimes the authors find an oportunity in a bigger site, but in many cases blogs are just waiting for the domain expiration time, or, in the worst cases, forgotten in the void of blogger, or anothers free hosting services.

So that's all. I keep writing and improving this site to give my visitors an useful experience. Because time is the most valuable resource everybody have I don't want you to feel you have wasted your time here.

Now, this site is intended to express my feelings and share the things I learn. No more rants, no more anger.

I can't change (I don't want either) the man I was, the things I lived or how I felt but I can remove some weight and let the bad go.

Take care.

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