There is no reason to stop helping

Mar 3, 2018

There are lots of bad news about Oxfam and that is a bad thing. As a side effect of those news many people feel that nobody can trust in charities anymore.

I think it is well probed that Oxfam have made possible that thousands of people improve their situation. Not only Oxfam, the other big ones too. But as they have grown bigger have became in a kind of corporations, with tons of money to spend. That have attracted some guys that are interested in that money and the plus of the prestige they can acquire working for such an humanitarian organization.

We know that people are prone to help the less favored and by breaking the trust they had in charities Oxfam have made a big injury to the people who need that help.

I have no trust in that kind of charities since a lot of time. I dislike the way they try to get new subscribers by means of mean workers, with awful work conditions, that do not hesitate to use the most ruin practices to get a new subscriber just to earn a commission.

That doesn't mean I don't help others. Some time ago we decided to collaborate with an small charity. One we know we can trust in. One that doesn't have people that pretends to be interested in help to the people that show in their promotional videos. It's a little one that just works. They don't hide anything and you can be sure that your money goes to the right pocket. They are always interested in what you want to say and share their experience with whomever want to listen to them.

But, this is not the only one. You can find lots of small projects aimed to help people around the world. Nowadays is easier that ever to be transparent to your subscribers so you can really judge if an charity deserves your trust.

Googling I came across Charity Water, with a the incredible mission of make fresh water a good for everybody. They show you all about their projects on social media so it is really easy to check their work and how they are changing lives wherever they go. In my opinion, that is the cleverer way of get new subscribers.

So it will be a very sad situation if we let that the Oxfam gate hurts to those fantastic charity that are doing the right things. We need to realize that we have money to help but we have to give that money a proper use. Money can't help if doesn't reach it destination.

Take care.

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