Apr 18, 2018

Most of us put quality in value when we need to acquire a new product. Frequently, we take for ranted that the quality of the items we buy is strongly linked to well known brands that make them.

And, in many cases, that's true. But is quality so valuable that we have to show everybody who has manufactured our stuff? I don't think so.

Brands like you to show their logos to the rest of us, and claim that you should be proud of wearing them. Actually, that's the main reason lots of people choose a greatly labeled product, to let people know how valuable it is. Extreme cases are brands of sport products or fashion. Maybe you can think about one or two computer manufacturers that exploits their logos to the infinite and beyond as well.

Then, we become a sort of living advertisement, that in a symbiotic relationship, gets value through an increase in its social status, and gives credit to the company for free. And it is, at first glance, a weird deal because advertisement moves a huge amount of money every second but we're prone to advertise those companies without receiving anything in return.

Because I generally dislike advertisements, whenever it's possible, I choose products discretely labeled, and debrand them as much as I can. I really like my t-shirts and I promote them every time somebody asks me for advice, but that is not a reason to be labeled.

Most of the time you can get your stuff debranded with just a pair of scissors, but sometimes is more difficult. An extreme case are my car license plates. They are framed by a piece of plastic where the seller includes some info to help people to get in contact.

I don't need that info at all because I know where I bought my car, but they use my car to promote themselves. And they don't offer you neither any discount in the price nor any kind of compensation. So I'm trying to figure a good way to get rid of the frame without damaging the plates.

By the other hand, you can find all the new Amazon kindle devices listed with two different prices, one including advertisements and the other without them. I suppose that's a better trade because you can choose if you want more adverts in your life or not. It's up to you.

Just to finish, we always will need products and will get them from companies we trust in. We support them with our purchases and that should be enough, but while some people keep getting the most of the value from the logo instead of the product itself the branding pest will continue.

So let's debrand. Don't let logos define you.

Take care.

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