Don't give stuff that much power

Apr 24, 2018

I listen to some podcasts that discuses minimalism and related topics. In many of them their hosts answer questions from the listeners and I've realized that it is quite frequent that people ask for advice about decluttering and getting rid of their stuff.

It seems reasonable, to some extent, but in many of the questions you can feel how that people are struggling with their possessions. And, to me, that is way far from being understandable.

A lot of people that try to become minimalist seems to be overwhelmed for their stuff in a way they can't deal with. Like if they have to face a huge opponent. They give it too much power.

Declutter can be a frustrating experience if you think you have to accomplish it in just a huge step. But that is not the proper way to handle that situation. You can declutter even if you don't do nothing special. You only need to get the correct mindset and know what you really want for your live.

The most useful thing I've done is just to be mindful about the things I buy. Stop buying unnecessary items helps to keep clutter under control. Most of the things you own will, eventually, be discarded because they will be too aged to be useful or will break down.

Then, with the right mindset, you will be prone to get rid of them as soon as you realize that they do not serve any purpose.

Declutter in baby steps lets you take the right decisions and does not make you feel obligated to overthink about how to deal with those discardable items.

Step by step, your spaces will be more comfortable and you will adapt to them gradually, avoiding the stress of the emptiness.

So think about why you want to declutter your life and don't think that your problems are going to vanish because you get rid of some items. The benefits of minimalism transcend the material possessions and they are not the result of an inner struggle. Your items are just things, they are not inherently good or bad, just things. If you let then ruin your life by making you feel subdued to their power you should notice that you are the only one that have give your stuff that much power.

To regain control you can try a simple trick. Go to the most cluttered space of your home and say out loud: Who's in charge? [1]

If there is no response, reclaim your throne and be aware of your power. As you know, with a great power comes a great responsability.

In any case, it is always very helpful to listen to people who have lived something similar and have succeeded. I don't want to devaluate their advises because they have a long experience and knowledge about how minimalism goes.

Just my two cents.

Take care

[1]If you have one of those modern Alexa or Siri smart devices, please, turn it off before asking to avoid getting weird responses that could affect to your self-confidence.

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