Green vs Organic

May 5, 2018

Organic is the new black. Everybody love organic food [1] . It's healthy, natural and green?. Well, that is not always true.

People are prone to think that organic and green food are the same. Me too. But that is, in many cases, far from being real. In my pursuit of keeping a low contaminant profile I've been incorporating some green products to our food basket.

At the very beginning, I just checked if EFSA label was shown on the envelope as a guaranty of the organicity of the product, but when I tried to apply my buying rules I noticed that most of those products were insanely wrapped or came from a place so far that couldn't be considered ecological at all.

Distance is, some times, unavoidable because the product can not be grown here. I'm almost certain that you can't get locally produced pistachios [2] , but that's not the case for apples, pears, oranges... The last time I checked the eco stand of my supermarket I found organic apples from Switzerland, in a nice polystyrene tray wrapped by parafilm, but proudly tagged with the EU certified organic food label.

That's how things are. What's the problem?

To me, it seems that the big market players are playing with us. And that's not a fair game because most of the people that buy that organic food are trying to protect themselves from loads of pesticides and other unhealthy chemicals but, in its genuine attempt to be healthy, they are contributing to the environmental degradation.

I'm not afraid of the pesticides because I really trust in the EFSA and the food regulations we have. I just want to minimize the use of those chemicals to avoid the environmental damage. So I can't buy that kind of organic food, even knowing that it is being carefully produced, because I'm, in the long run, I'm more scared for the plastics and other harmful residues than for pesticides or endocrine disruptors.

Not all the organic food is equal, so fortunately I can buy some tasteful products with a light packaging that have been grown locally. Maybe you'll have realized that organic food is far from being cheap but I buy it, whenever I can afford it, because I'm convinced that food is twice as good for me, and, at the same time, good for the rest of the Humanity.

That's why I encourage you to make your own rules and stick to them to be mindful of your shopping list. If the EFSA keeps with its good job we'll only have to be worried about the environment, it's a big worry indeed, but I really think that it is possible to correct the mistakes we've made.

Eat food, not junk, and take care.

[1]Most of the things we eat on a daily basis are chemically speaking organic. So IMHO it is a weird way to name this kind of food.
[2]I'm from Spain, so in case you are reading this from USA or Iran that does not apply.

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