New Habits

Feb 15, 2018

Our live is conditioned for our good or bad habits. The most of the time we don't realize we are keeping them and, even, why are we doing that.

To acquire a new habit you don't need to wait for new year. A few months ago I decided to make some changes.

The first change was something I could not imagine was the 5 seconds and fly As a result, now, when the alarm sounds I wake up immediately, avoiding the snooze that could make me stay on bed for an hour or more. Now, I have enough time in the early morning to do things without stress.

The second change has been going to bed earlier, at 23:30 (not later than midnight), to sleep about seven hours and a half. I usually follow this change, and some days, when I'm quite tired, I go to bed at 22:00.

As those changes are probing to be good I stick to them even on weekends or holidays.

Related to health, now I eat fruit for breakfast and lunch. During the morning I pick up some nuts and a bit of dark chocolate. This way I can keep hunger under control, so I take the fridge under assault no more. I have replaced the after meal coffee with chicory. Now, after some time, it tastes not as bad to me, even I could say, I enjoy having it. I also dropped sugar from coffee and realized that it's sour and joyful by its own.

The best part is that these changes has been planned, so I'm not struggling to keep them. That's the beauty of thinking before taking action. You have a motivation that enlightens your path, so it is easy to follow it. Changes can be good, but it's better to take into account if the change is worth doing.

You don't need to be Leo Babauta to make new habits, but reading some of his tips won't hurt you at all.

Take care.

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