Internet can make you smarter everyday (II)

Sep 3, 2013

How would it be like to take a course at Oxford, Yale or the MIT?

That's a question not so much people can answer to. Take a course in one of those institutions costs a lot of money. As a result of globalization and new technologies has emerged a new era in the non presential learning. But the most amazing aspect of this new way of learning has been the free elearning. Coursera has been the most active platform on giving everybody the possibility of studying in the most relevant institutions.

Why?. Well, it's a way to get more students. You will be more prone to enroll in a paid course if you have enjoyed a free one.

I've completed some of those courses and I'm sure that in a future, if I've enough spare time, I'm going to take some more, even if I've to pay for them.

You can't get any kind of certificate with the free courses but they have great quality contents. Sometimes you miss a more elaborated contents but as they don't filter the level of their students in any way it's way to not scary to the students with no relevant knowledge about the topic.

Take a look to the list of courses and give them a try. I'm sure you will repeat.

Take care.

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