Internet can make you smarter everyday

Aug 28, 2013

I know this title it's a sort of a clickbait but, in this case is totally true. Today I'm going to tell you how youtube has became the biggest resource around the world to learn through video. It's like wikipedia to people that don't like reading.

You know that there are lots of time consuming videos with no educatioal value but, when you curate all the contents, you can find true valuable channels like:

  • Minute Physics: Physics explained in plain english, with cartoons.
  • Veritasium: nice visual effects and an humorous touch to talk about frequent misconceptions everybody have but nobody realice.
  • Smarter every day: an all in one channel where you can find pretty much everything, discussed with humor.

The best part is that that people don't try to win in a sort of competition. Everyone just tries to give his of her point of view about how the things are. Sometimes they make some collaborative videos to make things even funnier.

Those channels are about Physics mainly, but you can find interesting content about every imaginable topic.

As you'll hace noticed all of them are english channels but there are nice ones for the spanish people. I will write about them in a not so distant future.

Take care.

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