Lost in Translation

Feb 5, 2018

I'm not a good writer but I'm really a bad writer when I write in English. Mainly because I write in English once in a blue moon.

I joined Medium some time ago and I just published a post. Laziness was pretty strong and let me quit because of the lack of necessity.

I love writing but I write just for me. I'd like somebody could find those writings interesting but I'm not trying to become an influencer. I write better in Spanish because I don't feel the pressure of my low skills.

I know that being fluent in English is quite handy but I wasn't motivated enough.

Now I've found that motivation. As a result of getting by with English I've discovered a new way of life and I need to share my thoughts and ask for advice to people around the World. And then, English is a big tool to make it possible.

To improve my writing I've decided to make this blog multilingual, with the translated version of the Spanish posts arriving a few days later.

I'm not afraid of the comments, nobody comments here anyhow, but I just want to be more confident and be able to reach everybody out there.

I'm sure that it is worthy.

Fortunately there is a lot of awesome resources to make that improvement possible. I'll keep on trying.


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