Online Coaching, A New Way To Earn A Living

Jan 23, 2018

A few years ago I followed a musical production course from the Berklee Musical College through Coursera.

I realized how brilliant it was the idea of let people try how to be a student of a such a good place could be without spending a lot of money.

Of course, the Institutions that offers those MOOCs want people to enroll in the paid courses when they have tried, in order to a deeper learning and getting a certification, eventually.

In a minor degree, something similar is happening in the coaching world.

It is really simple to came across to somebody that can mentor you on line for free. That free resources works as a FAQ, so you can find some answers to your questions. But, of course, you can go beyond and get specific advice to solve your problems in the paid version.

It is a great opportunity for both we and the mentors because you can get a lot of information that maybe is not available to you of line.

But, as always, there are some risks that you have to note because that online mentoring is not filtered in any way. That means that many times you have to trust blindly in someone you don't know, and even worst, you can't probably locate if need to make a claim.

I follow some of those Gurus in the free modality and have got great advice on some specific topics. And knowing different points of view always enrich the way you think.

It's worth to try even if you find some weird people. Dealing with the diversity can make you get an extra sense to detect pretenders.

By using the internet you can be smarter but, in addition, if you are able to take all the noise apart, you can be more happy and have a meaningful live as well. And even better, for free

Do you know somebody worth to follow? Leave a comment (it's free too).

Take care.


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