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Don't give stuff that much power

Apr 24, 2018
I listen to some podcasts that discuss minimalism and related topics. In many of them, their hosts answer questions from listeners, and I've realized that many of them ask for advice about decluttering and getting rid of their stuff. It seems reasonable, to some extent, but in many of the questions, you can feel they are struggling with their possessions. And to me, that is way far from being understandable. Read more


Apr 18, 2018
Most of us put quality in value when we need to acquire a new product. Frequently, we take for ranted that the quality of the items we buy is strongly linked to well known brands that make them. And, in many cases, that's true. But is quality so valuable that we have to show everybody who has manufactured our stuff? I don't think so. Brands like you to show their logos to the rest of us, and claim that you should be proud of wearing them. Read more


Apr 3, 2018
It's hard to believe how deep is plastic involved in our lives. Plastic has been a huge improvement in terms of manufacture. It's cheaper than metal or wood and can be molded in every shape you can imagine. That implies a decrease in prices and availability as well. But plastic, as pretty much every human invention has a not so nice side. We have been seduced by its properties but have overlooked the problems that can rise due it is quite eco unfriendly. Read more

My New Nutcracker Device

Mar 28, 2018
Less than a month after I bought a brand new metallic nutcracker it began to bend in such a way that got useless. So I decided to get a new one. A fast search on Amazon and I came across a wooden nutcracker in a aesthetic mushroom shape. It takes less than a minute to get used to it. It is gently enough to break the shell and keep the kernel almost intact, and can be operated by children above 3 years (tested with nuts). Read more

There is no reason to stop helping

Mar 3, 2018
There are lots of bad news about Oxfam and that is a bad thing. As a side effect of those news many people feel that nobody can trust in charities anymore. I think it is well probed that Oxfam have made possible that thousands of people improve their situation. Not only Oxfam, the other big ones too. But as they have grown bigger have became in a kind of corporations, with tons of money to spend. Read more