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Blog Decluttering

Feb 28, 2018
Internet is content. Today is way easy to add more and more content. I can't imagine how many bloggers, vloggers or podcasters are making new content every single day but I don't need to imagine, because it is very easy to see, how much of those contents are just noise. Among all of that noisy content you can find some of my own. And as they are noisy I've planned to remove a handful of my old posts. Read more

New Habits

Feb 15, 2018
Our live is conditioned for our good or bad habits. The most of the time we don't realize we are keeping them and, even, why are we doing that. To acquire a new habit you don't need to wait for new year. A few months ago I decided to make some changes. The first change was something I could not imagine was the 5 seconds and fly As a result, now, when the alarm sounds I wake up immediately, avoiding the snooze that could make me stay on bed for an hour or more. Read more

Lost in Translation

Feb 5, 2018
I'm not a good writer, but I'm really a bad one when I write in English. Mainly because I write in English once in a blue moon. I joined Medium some time ago, and I just published a post. Laziness was pretty strong, and let me quit because of the lack of necessity. I love writing, but I write just for me. I'd like somebody could find those writings interesting but I'm not trying to become an influencer. Read more

Materialistic Minimalism

Jan 30, 2018
Most people believe that the more you get into minimalism the less materialistic you become. In my case, the lack of spirituality left a hole that I still haven't found how to fill. So instead of avoid materialism I'm becoming true materialistic, well, that is a placeholder until I find a better name. I mean, I try to find the real value of things I own. And, in addition, I prefer to just have a handful of high quality items that follow my values. Read more

Online Coaching, A New Way To Earn A Living

Jan 23, 2018
A few years ago I followed a musical production course from the Berklee Musical College through Coursera. I realized how brilliant it was the idea of let people try how to be a student of a such a good place could be without spending a lot of money. Of course, the Institutions that offers those MOOCs want people to enroll in the paid courses when they have tried, in order to a deeper learning and getting a certification, eventually. Read more