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What I Want

Jan 16, 2018
I love my family, the one my wife and I are growing and the one how grow me up. I love my friends, even if I don't show it to them. I want a healthier life for my and the people I care about. I want to live in a quiet place, without noise and stress. I want or love many things but that things aren't things at all, and I'm sure that there are some meaning in this. Read more

Useful android apps (III)

Jan 11, 2018
This is a new compilation of my preferred android apps. KISS It's a way simple app launcher. You can search the app just typing a few letters in its search bar. And you can do the same with contacts to make a call or write a link to open it in the default web browser. You can't get widgets on the screen and that makes kiss so fast and frugal on resources. Read more

Self-Infidelity, ESL and Medium

May 18, 2016
Today I have registered myself as a Medium member. Medium is an online platform to write and tell stories that can be shared with a huge community of writers and readers. Well, I have my own blog so, why have I joined Medium?. The main reason is that I'm trying to improve my english writing, and I need people that read those writings. When I got the C1 level, my writing skills were so limited than I was near to fail the exam. Read more

Getting Rid of Google (2)

May 28, 2014
Finally, I rooted my mobile phone. I've been able to uninstall all the Goggle stuff (Google Play, Gmail, Google+, Google Music) and the phone seems to be more responsive. Now F-droid is my main software source (open sofware). The only Google app that I'm going to keep installed is Google maps, but without a linked google account. My owncloud is up and running and contacts and calendar work flawlessly. It has been easier than I thought, actually, so I'm quite happy with this new freedom. Read more

Getting Rid of Google: Part One

May 22, 2014
I use Google services on a daily basis. There are very powerful and make your digital life easier. But, lately, I'm feeling a kind of Google dependency that makes me a bit nervous. In addition, I'm quit disappointed with Google's need of knowing each site I visit or every place I go. So I've decided to get rid of Google. Of course I'm going to keep my gmail account, but the rest of my Google ecosystem is going to be discarded. Read more