Apr 3, 2018

It's hard to believe how deep is plastic involved in our lives.

Plastic has been a huge improvement in terms of manufacture. It's cheaper than metal or wood and can be molded in every shape you can imagine. That implies a decrease in prices and availability as well.

But plastic, as pretty much every human invention has a not so nice side. We have been seduced by its properties but have overlooked the problems that can rise due it is quite eco unfriendly.

Some years ago we began to be aware of how the environment was getting cluttered by plastic residues. The first taken action was to ban plastic bags. Well, maybe the word ban is inappropriate, because there are lots of plastic bags ready to use in the malls. You will be charged with a tiny amount of money but you can get them easily.

And that's all. There is a lack of regulation. You can purchase any item insanely wrapped into plastic. Plastic bottles, plastic straws and cutlery, dishes and glasses. If you and your family go to a fast food for a meal you can end up with a table full of plastic stuff that will go to the trash bin a few minutes after getting out of their plastic containers.

Lately we have been said that there are lots of small particles of plastic floating into the bottled water, even in tap water.

So this is going too far and it's time to start to do something. Maybe there are no medical risks to be aware of, but the environment is being harmed and sooner or later we'll have to deal with its consequences.

So if you are concerned about this problem you can make some changes. Believe me, you can reduce your plastic consumption without going mad. Don't need to return to the cave era. We have been living without this excess of plastic not so long ago.

We need plastic, and that is the reason we should try to get environmentally friendly plastic. But until that a better way to help is decreasing the amount of not reusable plastic items we use.

Some things you can do:

  • Use fabric made bags to carry your shopping
  • Use bamboo toothbrushes.
  • Give solid shampoo and body soap a try.
  • Avoid bottled water whenever you can.
  • Do not use plastic straws to drink and if you really need a straw replace it with a bamboo or metallic one.
  • Avoid plastic wraps or containers. Look for the same products bottled, canned or wrapped in paper or cardboard.

There are lots of things you can try. Remember that the best plastic is the one that has not been produced yet.

Take care.

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