Self-Infidelity, ESL and Medium

May 18, 2016

Today I have registered myself as a Medium member. Medium is an online platform to write and tell stories that can be shared with a huge community of writers and readers.

Well, I have my own blog so, why have I joined Medium?. The main reason is that I'm trying to improve my english writing, and I need people that read those writings.

When I got the C1 level, my writing skills were so limited than I was near to fail the exam. So I need to write better and be readed by native speakers.

By the other hand, I've been working ona fiction book for an extended period of time and I feel that, maybe, it's time to show some of that work to future readers.

Probably it will worth it to follow a writing course. Coursera have some courses that look promising but I don't have enough free time to give them a try and don't want to enroll to give up after a couple of weeks.

So Medium seems a good option, with no deadlines and a lot of people that enjoy reading. Chances are that they'll be kind enough to make some suggestions to improve my level.

Take care.


I deleted my Medium acount a long time ago. I failed on writing consistently so nobody gave me any piece of advice.

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