How I'm Handling Social media

Jun 20, 2018

Dealing with social media can be quite cumbersome. The problem is even bigger when you use it to share something with perfect strangers. But social media is the way to go nowadays. You can't rely on search engines, because you need a lot of SEO vudĂș to become discoverable by people. Instead, I prefer to put my energy on writing about things I care.

I used social media in the past, but it was like a tremendous failure. Too much noise and irrelevant content made me out of them with no regret. Now, I'm using social media in a different way. I don't try to stay in contact with my friends anymore. I'm just trying to find value in some communities that have emerged in every social network.

I've joined Facebook, again. But this time, I'm trying to be more mindful about it. I've not added any friend. I've joined some groups I want to follow, and that's all. Now, I can share my thoughts with people on this platform without the noise my previous account had.

In the case of Twitter, I apply the less is more principle as well. I'm not collecting followers, so I don't play the "follow me, and I'll follow you" game. I'm struggling with the proper use of hashtags but, as time goes, I'm getting better.

Google+ is the last of the three social networks I use. I feel that it's the less relevant, but I use it because of its simplicity.

In any case, I'm keeping focused on my target, so I'm not worried by the number of likes or shares. As a result, I don't need to check them constantly, but It doesn't mean that I don't want to interact with others. In fact, I try to make meaningful interactions. That's the reason I only comment when I feel that I can add something useful. I don't just like the comments. If I come across something I really like, I comment first and then give it the like.

That's all. Take care!

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